Step 1: Email the notice and special instructions to You will receive an immediate confirmation email stating that we have received your request.  *IMPORTANT* If you do not receive the confirmation email from our office, please resend your request as we have not received it on our end.


Step 2: One of our legal notice specialists will respond to your request within one business hour Monday-Friday and provide a quote for your notice.


Step 3: Approve quote via email.


Step 4: Your notice will run in our next available Thursday publication.
Foreclosure notices must run FOUR consecutive weeks.
Other notices will run for one week unless requested otherwise.


Step 5: After final publication the affidavit and invoice will be certified mailed.


*Note: The Berrien County Record does not require payment prior to publication for law, county, and municipality offices. Notices submitted by individuals will require prepayment via credit/debit card.  Payments can be accepted over the phone or at our office.


For more information and resources on legal notice process and laws click below