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The Berrien County Record specializes in legal listings, legal summons, legal notices & legal news for the County of Berrien in Michigan and beyond.  We have an on hand legal specialist who is certified and ready to answer all of your legal listing questions. Our goal is to make sure your legal listing meets 100% of the criteria and requirements needed. Have a legal listing outside of Berrien County? No problem we can help! Make sure to call or email us with questions!

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>Notice of Foreclosure
>Notice to Creditors

>Estate Notices
>Municipal, Township & County Notices

>Summons to Appear
>Notice of an Auction

>Notice of a Divorce
>Name Changes

>Other legal listings and notices

We are Berrien County legal notice experts!

Please email us at: legals@bcrnews.net, or call 269-695-3878
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1. What is the Berrien County Record?
Answer: Established in 1867, the Berrien County Record serves the county as the only legal and court news and notice newspaper publication and online legal record. 

2. What information is published in the Berrien County Record?
Answer: The newspaper publishes both in print and online stories and editorials regarding Berrien county legal and court news, mortgage foreclosures, recorded & discharged mortgages, bankruptcies, criminal convictions, civil & family court schedules & dockets, and deed information

     3. Why is the information published in the Berrien County Record important?
Answer:  The newspaper publishes both in print and online relevant and important county wide mortgage (foreclosures and records), municipal notices (cities and townships within the county), court information (news stories, criminal, civil and family sentencing and dockets), and economic information (bankruptcies, deeds, and notices).  The newspaper brings many different county records together into a single online and print publication where you can obtain valuable information as it relates to legal happenings within the county.  

4.  How often is the Berrien County Record Published?
Answer:  The newspaper is published weekly on Thursday morning both online and in print. 

5.  Where can I obtain the Berrien County Record?
Answer:  The newspaper can be obtain online and to your door through annual subscription of $80 or you can visit any of of the newsstand locations by clicking here for locations